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Monday, June 7, 2010

lakers lose game two

I'll not go as far to say the Lakers are in trouble. They are the defending champs and know how to survive on the road. If the lakers want to see game 6 in Los Angles, they must get some results from the beach. Farmer, Artest,Odem,and Brown.... must stand up and be counted. If Ray Allen had not shot so well in Game 2, the Lakers can easily be up 2 games to none. You know Kobe will be ready to defend Mr Allen and make him play defense in Boston. The key to beating boston is playing solid defense and scoring points. If the Lakers extend their exterior defense, and make the celtics put the ball on the floor... than the lakers will win. The Celtics like to shot jumpshots. Go inside and the lakers are the repeat champs ! Who know the lakers could sweep them in Boston. It will not be far fetched, especially since the Lakers have closed out series on the road. So, Boston don't take Kobe for granted. Paul Pierce mentioned that they will not be back in Los Angeles... please don't give kobe any logs to put gas on.... because he will light and burn the logs. Paul be careful what you ask for !

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