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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raptors GM Colangelo says 'it's likely' Bosh will leave

General manager Bryan Colangelo said Monday "it's likely" that free agent forward Chris Bosh will leave the Toronto Raptors. Colangelo told radio station Fan590 in Toronto that the Raptors still hope to keep the All-Star forward, but if Bosh does want to leave, he will try to work a sign-and-trade arrangement that could help both sides. Chris Bosh is a very good forward. Any team will be lucky to get him. I'm hoping the Portland Trail Blazers will take a chance. Owner Paul Allen will have to fork out some money if he would like to win a title. LaMarcus Aldridge will be a perfect sign and trade situation. Both Toronto and Portland will exchange good players. I don't think Chris Bosh would mind playing next to Greg Oden, and Brandon Roy. That will make the Blazers the favorites to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Certain moves are needed to advance the chemistry, and provide a solid foundation. This move will provide and establish an endowment for years to come.

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